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[Frequently Asked Questions]

Do you operate the Waitomo Great Walk all year ’round?

Our season is from 1 October – 30 May to avoid the worst of the winter weather.  Summer is also the best time to visit the high altitude forest on the walk.

If I don’t have time to do the 3-Day Walk, are there other options?

We offer 2-Day walk packages (fully-catered with gourmet food or self-catered or backpacker options). Check out our full range of Great Waitomo Walk options.

What kind of accommodation can I expect on the Walk?

We use a 5 star lodge (Waitomo Boutique Lodge) for overnight stays on the Waitomo Great Walk. Built in a spectacular location with exceptional views and have hot water, flush toilets, bedding with comfortable mattresses and gas hobs for cooking.

What are the cooking facilities in the accommodation huts?

Cooking is limited to gas hobs, but there is hot water available for your showers and washing.

Can I take a tent?

Yes, there are camping sites at both hut locations.

When do I check in?

By 5:00 pm on the day before your walk, OR at 7:30 am on the day of your walk.

Where do I check in?

At the Waitomo i-SITE in Waitomo Caves Village.

When do I check out?

As soon as you can after you finish the walk, so that we know you have returned safely.

Where do I check out?

At the Waitomo i-SITE in Waitomo Caves Village.

What wildlife will I see on the Walk?

You will see plenty of birdlife, especially native New Zealand birds.  You may also see cows, sheep, goats and get a glimpse of a fallow or red deer.

Am I allowed to bring a dog?

Sorry, but no. We can’t allow dogs, because the Waitomo Great Walk passes through farmland and other sensitive areas, where the wildlife is protected.

Is food included in the pricing for the Walk?

We offer fully-catered two and three day Walks (Option 1 & Option 4) that include all your meals.

Can I bring snacks, if I am on a fully-catered Deluxe Walk?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and pre-dinner nibbles.

Is there any rubbish collection?

No. Whatever is carried in must also be carried out.

Can I drink the water on the Waitomo Great Walk?

The water in the accommodation huts is perfectly safe to drink, but we advise you to boil all other water before drinking.

Can I light a fire?

No. There may be a high fire risk during the summer.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • We will refund 30% of your total booking charge between 30 and 7 days of your walk
  • We cannot make any refunds within 7 days of your walk
What kind of terrain should I expect?

Easy to moderate, with a few rugged stretches.

Where can I leave my car while I’m on the Walk?

We provide free car parking for you at Waitomo Caves Village.

Do I have to carry all my luggage and food on the Walk?

We offer a range of Waitomo Great Walk options, so that you can choose anything from fully-catered Deluxe options (that include all food and luggage transportation) to Backpacker options (where you provide and carry all your own food and luggage).

Where do the Walks start?

All the Walks start on the Tawerau Loop Track, about 24 kilometres west of Waitomo Caves Village. We transport you from Waitomo Village to the start of your Walk at 8:00am on the morning of your first day’s hiking.

Where do the Walks end?

The 3-Day Walk finishes at Waitomo Caves Village. The 2-Day Walk ends at Waipuna Road, west of Waitomo Caves Village – where we pick you up and transport you back to Waitomo.

Trails full of secret places and spectacular views

The Walk starts and ends at Waitomo Caves Village. It wends its way through deep limestone gorges and primordial native forest, over rolling farmland to lookouts with stunning panoramic views of Mount Ruapehu and the sea.